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15234 Frankfurt/Oder 
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No. 26 Building,
No.18 East Street A Adams, 
Brighton CO, United States
Tel: +1 6262421205
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Lilin International Group Limited
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Wing Tuck Commercial Centre, 
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Xiamen Lilin Electronics Co.,Ltd 
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Modern Times Building, 
No.351,Jia He Road, 
Si Ming District, 
Xiamen,China 361000 
Contact: Bob Li 
Tel: 86-592-5117538  
Moscow hotline:
+7 (499) 371-11-08 
China Toll Free: 
+ 86 400-860-1868 
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Talent Strategy

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For the demand of our company’s development, we establish a suitable standard for each position, so that we can find right talents to join us, the ones who can adapt to our company’s environment and to be part of our team quickly.
Besides of making specific work task, we also offer an environment of various kinds of soft & hardware. Thus the staff can finish the work efficiently.
We pay attention to observe employees’ strong and weak points and their potential from their daily work. And based on their particular case, we can excavate and develop their potentials.
Well-educated talents:
For those who have reached a higher level, we would provide them with a more preferable ledge, better motivation, and let them be in charge of more important tasks.
Working environment:
Our management mode is kind of humanization to meet the needs of modern times. We attach importance to all details but not rigidly adhere to small matters. Then our staff can work comfortably and confidently.
Treatment and benefits:
We work out the treatment of salary according to the standard of our trade, and all kinds of allowances and benefits are supplied besides of basic wage and performance bonuses.
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